You should keep in mind that most BMW transmission repairs started out small and got worse over time due to lack of a BMW specialist attention. Taking care of your BMW transmission and servicing it can go a long way towards saving you money. 

     The fluid in a BMW automatic transmission operates the clutches, provides cooling and lubrication, and even drives the vehicle. Nothing is more important than keeping your transmission fluid clean and at its proper level. Transmission fluids have a number of unique properties that can wear out over time. When they wear out, you can bet your transmission won't be far behind, and in need of costly repair. One of the best ways to keep your transmission in good working order is to have the fluid checked and serviced, by a specialist.

     Whether it's a warning light on the dash, a few drops of fluid on the garage floor, or a change in the way the transmission operates, your best bet is to let one of our BMW specialists take a look at your vehicle right away. In many cases you'll be able to avoid a major transmission repair simply by catching it while the problem is still a minor one. 

     We offer full computerized BMW transmission diagnostics. We can service your transmission, replace seals, cooler lines, valve body replacement, solenoid replacement, replace your transmission, gear position sensors, transmission linkage, gear shift controls. We also have low mileage used transmissions. Manual gearbox repairs include, clutch replacement, throw out bearing, resurface flywheel and replace your gear box. We also have low mileage used gear boxes.

Our specialist can inspect your Clutch assembly
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