Preventative BMW maintenance is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your vehicle reliable and safe on the road for many years to come. When you bring your vehicle to us for scheduled maintenance, it gives one of our BMW specialists a chance to look over your vehicle completely, and warn you of anything that may potentially develop into costly repairs down the road. 

     Sometimes an axle boot may wear out and tear. There is no indication to the driver that there is a problem. If the boot is torn and all of the grease exits the joint, dirt and debris may enter the joint working as an abrasive causing the joint fail. If the car is brought in for regular scheduled maintenance this is just one of the things that could be checked and avoided by one of our BMW service specialists. It is much cheaper to have a new boot installed rather than letting the axle wear out and have to replace the entire axle. Its best to know what is going on with your vehicle and have it checked regularly to keep you on the road. 

     Our BMW service specialists can handle all of your service needs from a simple oil change to a major tune up service. We can also service your timing belt, timing belt tensioner & idler, serpentine belt & tensioner, cooling system service, transmission service using synthetic fluid, brake fluid service, rear differential service, angle gear service, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, throttle body cleaning, positive crankcase vent cleaning and replacement. 

     A few minutes with a qualified BMW service specialist is an investment.  We can keep your vehicle on the road with preventative maintenance so you can enjoy your vehicle for its maximum life.