When the hot summer days are here and it’s a good time to have your BMW cooling system inspected by one of our BMW service specialist.

     If you’re familiar with Atlanta, I am sure that at one point you have been caught in stop and go traffic on a hot summer day. That is one of the most extreme conditions that you can be caught in. Most of us have the A/C on as we are inching forward on the crowded interstates. Meanwhile, you have minimum air flow moving through your radiator. The last thing that you need is to have a weak cooling hose or your radiator could start to leak and leave you stranded on the side of the road. 

     Having your cooling system checked and serviced by a licensed BMW service specialist, is the best thing you can do to keep your vehicle reliable and on the road. Besides that, who wants to be caught in the heat when your A/C is not operating at its peak performance? Sometimes the gas charge (134a) that your air conditioning uses to cool your interior can leak through a weak seal or hose. It’s best to have your A/C performance tested by one of our BMW service specialist and have your A/C system inspected for weak hoses or leaks. In some cases all you need is an A/C service. In other cases, a licensed BMW service specialist may need to install a tracer dye to find out where your A/C system may be leaking and repair the leak.  

     Our BMW service specialists can diagnose an A/C or heating system problem and fault trace your electronic climate control system. Repairs provided by our certified BMW specialists include: recalibrating damper motors, replacing parts (damper motors, control heads, evaporators, heater cores, A/C hoses, heater hoses, condensers, compressors, temp sensors and pressure switches), and recharging your A/C system using the latest equipment by Robinair.